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The Camarillo Community Garden Video page. Here are a number of important video resources for your consideration...

(For some not-so-informative, but fun, videos of the Antonio Garden construction are posted on our blog. Check out the pictures and videos here)




Michelle Obama issues a National call to service. Please watch this video. Michelle calls on the country to serve, and to look for opportuities to be of service to your community...


Here is a video I made today testing how well my camera does videos. It is a short 'how-to' video on 'tarting a Garden from Seeds'. This is a better Hi-res version.



The Victory (or War) gardens of WWI, the Depression and WWII saw 3/5 of American families engaged in some sort of gardening. This effort produced 60% of all fruits and vegetable consumed in the U.S.

In this period of econimic and environmental upheaval, the Victory Garden is needed again. Even 90 years ago, the government knew transportation too expensive and that fuel was too scarce. Sounds a lot like today... ogged about the Victory Garden revival 6 months ago, and today, you cannot look at the net without finding over 100 posts per day on the subject. They all start out with Eleanor Roosevelt in 1943 and end with Michelle Obama last Monday.


Now it is our turn to add our weight to the movement... Check out the old video, and finish up with Michael Pollan's discussion of  history of food, then let's go garden something!

Click the 'play' button below to view a WWII movie documenting how to grow a Victory Garden. Notice how far we have come from the 'only good bug is a dead bug' thinking of the times... Watch Poor Vic blowing all that DDT - without a mask! And they are going to eat that!


Here's a video that discusses the future (and problems facing) Biofuels

BiologyandBusiness of Biofuels:Climate Change/MakingBiofuels

Here's a video of a symposium held at U.C. Berkley shortly before the election, titled "A Food Agenda for the Next Administration" featuring author Michael Pollan.
This video gets into the real causes and costs of commercial agriculture, and ways that sensible gardening practices can have huge pay-offs in national health, energy, and the economy...

Here's another video with author Michael Pollan.
Host Harry Kreisler welcomes writer Michael Pollan for a discussion of the agricultural industrial complex that dominates consumer choices about what to eat. He explores the origins, evolution and consequences of this system for the nations health and environment. He highlights the role of science, journalism, and politics in the development of a diet that emphasizes nutrition over food. Pollan also sketches a reform agenda and speculates on how a movement might change Americas eating habits. He also talks about science writing, the rewards of gardening, and how students might prepare for the future. Series: Conversations with History [2/2009] [Public Affairs] [Agriculture] [Show ID: 15882]

One last important video... This one features Dr. Steve Chu - our new U.S. Energy Secretary :

A New Energy Program


For access to the full symposium program, click here and select 'Full Program'...

If we never need what we grow, we lose nothing.
If we never grow what we need, we lose everything.